Handyman Services We Offer Texas Homeowners

Being a “jack of all trades” is a moniker that we’ve embraced wholeheartedly here at Eric’s Home Renovation because it was understood very early on in our company’s inception that versatility and well-roundedness were hallmarks of a successful contractor here in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. Whether it involves our on-staff handyman specialists affecting minor repairs to home’s interior features (such as patching drywall/sheetrock or repairing thresholds) or completely overhauling an exterior lighting display, we know our trade and know it well. Moreover, we also have a firm appreciation for not only prompt and punctual handyman services but also handyman services that embody quality and promote longevity. We encourage any and all homeowners throughout the many Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas communities that we service to strongly consider our company, Eric’s Home Renovation, first and foremost when seeking handyman-related coverage. Feel free to contact our handyman experts via telephone or service request for additional information or scheduling options.

Routine Maintenance
Home Repairs
Hardware & Fixtures
Appliance Services
Home Installations
Interior Aspects
Exterior Elements
Window Replacements
Door Replacements
Threshold Replacements
Interior/Exterior Lighting
Crown Molding
Flooring Upgrades
Texture Repair and Touch-Ups
Basic Utility (Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC

Texas Communities Our Handyman Services Cover

Since the beginning of our company’s founding as a leading Texas handyman company with specialty home improvement experience, we’ve had the goal of ensuring that our valued patrons in and around the Dallas, Texas communities have direct access to reliable handyman-based coverage. How we’ve accomplished this feat of dependability regarding handyman services in the Dallas, TX area is by broadening our service coverage to encompass outlying communities; including both Arlington, Texas and Hurst, Texas. Please note that our handyman services are not solely restricted to certain Texas regions (Dallas, TX, Hurst, TX, & Arlington, TX respectively) and can be readily enlisted outside our normal service areas at the discretion of the handyman project at hand. To ensure quality, our handyman services are always available at the behest of our local customers and clients alike.

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