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Eric’s Home Renovations has been proudly servicing the areas of Dallas, Fort Worth, and Tarrant County for over thirty years offering an array of dauntless residential and commercial contracting services. Our residential and commercial contracting services include home improvement services, repairs, replacements, maintenance, remodeling, flooring, framing, drywall, windows, doors, fixtures, electrical, showers, hardwood, vinyl, texture, crown molding, baseboards, lighting, bathtubs, toilets, flush valves, framework, interior services, exterior services, repairs, replacements, upgrades, kitchens, bathrooms, and much more.


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With proper maintenance, your investment (home) is not only protected but aided in extended production and you run less risk of incurring expensive problems. Eric’s Home Renovations has a team of thoroughly trained technicians who are dedicated to providing you, our client, with extensive and unsurpassable repair remodeling services and remodeling maintenance services as needed. Whether it is a toilet and plumbing repair or electrical maintenance that is required, we are the leading providers when it comes to quality remodeling services in, around, and throughout Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas!

“From improvements to repairs from A to Z, we’ve got quality services paired with dedicated technicians to proudly assist you. Give us your to-do list, and we will gladly check it off one box at a time! We’ll have you thinking that services this great should come with a catch; however, our only angle is professionalism and proficiency. The quality you expect, and the service that you deserve. We do it all, give us a call!”

- Eric's Home Renovations

Why Choose Eric's Home Renovations

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Eric’s Home Renovations is founded upon the foundations of quality services, honorable employment, and irreplaceable partnerships. Our goal is to provide superlative home improvement services. We are a team of reliable, hardworking, and skilled technicians that are committed to creating a zestful project whether it is home improvement services or simple repairs. We are not your typical contractor service, we not only pay attention to detail, but we also listen to detail. We embrace detail. Choose Eric’s Home Renovations and see why we continue to reign superior to our competitors.

At Eric’s Home Renovations, no job is too big or too small. We do it all! Some of the contractor and home improvement services that we offer include but are not limited to remodeling, flooring, framing, drywall, windows, doors, fixtures, electrical, showers, hardwood, vinyl, texture, crown molding, baseboards, lighting, bathtubs, toilets, flush valves, framework, interior, exterior, repairs,replacements, upgrades, kitchens, bathrooms, and more! All of our home improvement services and contractor services are available to both commercial and residential properties.

“Choosing the right tools for the job, is second only to choosing the right people for the job!”

Local Texas Communities Included In Our Home Improvement & General Contracting Coverage

Home Improvement Services in Dallas, Texas

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It's our company-wide goal to remain a local resource for homeowners seeking reliable home improvement services in Dallas, Texas.

Whether we are tasked with remodeling the interior of a patron's home or completely revamping a property's layout, our local clients can rest assured of our expertise regarding home improvement coverage in Dallas, TX. We implement property/project-specific strategies to ensure the utmost satisfaction in our home improvement services.

Why Our General Contractors in Dallas, Texas Are Preferred

Another key aspect of our home improvement coverage is the inclusion of our general contracting options of behalf of local property owners in Dallas, TX. Ranging from carpentry & masonry to utility services (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, communication, etc); our aim is to ensure all property owners in need of industry-leading general contracting services in Dallas, Texas are well-accounted for when they choose us here at Eric's Home Renovations.

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Remodeling Services in Dallas, TX

✓ Remodeling Repairs
✓ Remodeling Replacements
✓ Remodeling Installations
✓ Remodeling Maintenance
✓ Remodeling Upgrades
✓ Remodeling Construction
✓ Electrical Remodeling
✓ Remodeling Additions

✓ Remodeling Inspections
✓ Plumbing Remodeling
✓ HVAC Remodeling
✓ Utilities Remodeling
✓ Painting/Remodeling
✓ Drywall Remodeling
✓ Sheetrock Remodeling
✓ Expansions Remodeling

✓ Flooring Remodeling
✓ Renovations/Remodeling
✓ Full/Partial Remodeling
✓ Restoration Services
✓ Roofing Remodeling
✓ Upkeep Remodeling
✓ Remodeling Builds
✓ Remodeling (Re)Designs

Home Improvement Services in Dallas, TX

✓ Home Improvement Flooring
✓ Home Improvement Renovations
✓ Home Improvement Remodeling
✓ Home Improvement Restorations
✓ Home Improvement (Re)Designs
✓ Home Improvement Roofing
✓ Home Improvement Upkeep
✓ Home Improvement Builds

✓ Home Improvement Additions
✓ Home Improvement Inspections
✓ Home Improvement Painting
✓ Home Improvement Plumbing
✓ Home Improvement HVAC
✓ Home Improvement Utilities
✓ Home Improvement Drywall
✓ Home Improvement Sheetrock

✓ Home Improvement Repairs
✓ Home Improvement Replacements
✓ Home Improvement Expansions
✓ Home Improvement Installations
✓ Home Improvement Maintenance
✓ Home Improvement Upgrades
✓ Home Improvement Construction
✓ Home Improvement Electrical

Eric's Home Renovations Is Hiring!

Our local general contracting company in Texas, Eric's Home Renovations, is actively seeking talented individuals to fill vital roles in a construction-based setting; including carpentry, masonry, remodeling, renovations, & general contracting capacities. The preferred candidate will have experience with basic labor-related roles, including minor demolition/deconstruction, clean-up, site/job preparation, waste/debris disposal, & minor construction roles. Must have reliable transporation, own tools & equipment, a strong work ethic coupled with a willingness to learn, and a sound appreciation for quality craftsmanship.


Seeking experienced sub-contractors in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.

At least one year of relevant experience in a construction setting preferred.


Must be at least 18 years of age & eligible for employment in the United States of America.

Own transportation and [access] to own tools/equipment is a must.


Assist with construction, general contracting, & home improvement-based service calls.

Must be a self-starter and express the ability to work unsupervised.


Looking to hire based on availability, flexibility, & experience.

Familiarity with a job/construction site is ideal.

Sub-contractors Needed: Plumbers - Electricians - Framers

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